Ron Anton Rocz Photography

Mississippi Delta & Blues Collection

The Mississippi Delta - south of Memphis, north of Vicksburg, and between the Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers - is known as "The Land Where the Blues Began." The music of the plantation slaves, share-croppers, river levy and railway line laborers emerged as work songs and then evolved into "the blues."

This photography collection, while created at the start of the 2000's, gives glimpses into the life and time of the early 1900's, when names like Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson, Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, and B.B. King had their start in The Delta. These photographs were created mainly around Clarksdale, Mississippi and at the Hopson Plantation and it's famed Shack-Up Inn.

Window on Delta Blues

Morgan Freeman's Blues Club

Cotton Field Blues

Crossroads at Clarksdale

Cotton Gin Window

Cotton Horizon

Chevy Share Cropper Cabins

Freeman's Blues Club #2

Chevy 3100 Blues

Freeman's Blues Club #3

Shack & Cotton Fields #2

Beale Street Club

Shack & Cotton Fields #3

Po' Monkey's Juke Joint

Blues of the Cotton Fields

Mississippi John Hurt Home

Cotton Gin Window Blues

Cotton Gin Texaco

Dockery Farm

Railway Blues

Share Cropper Blues

Sheriff & Share Croppers

Plantation Blues

Plantation Church Pews

Shack & Cotton Fields

The Commissary

B B King Marker at Leland MS

Tallahatchie Flats

Cotton Field Monuments

Tommy Gilmore in Sepia

Share Cropper Laundry

Delta Gothic

Delta Land Gospel Gothic

Delta Gothic Interior

Freeman's Club's Stage

Tommy Gilmore

Robert Johnson Crossroads

Dawn on the Bayou

Hopson Plantation Commissary

Dawn on the Plantation

Beale Street Blues Babe

James "Son" Thomas

Beale Street Blues Bar

Po' Monkey's Juke Joint 2

Tommy of Choctaw MS

Willie King in His House

Juke Joint Mystery Door

Ladies Room, Ground Zero Blues Club

Men's Room, Ground Zero Blues Club

Turners Gin at Belzoni

Cotton Horizon #2

Juke Joint Delta Blues

Mississippi John Hurt at Valley General Store

Cotton Ball

Last Gas at the Commissary

Mississippi John Hurt Home

Itta Bena Blues

B B King Mural Leland MS

Blues Highway 61 Mural, Leland, MS

Delta Blues History Triptych

Robert Johnson, Crossroads, & Muddy Waters

Beale Street Blues, Tryptich