Ron Anton Rocz Photography

Cuba Collection

Havana, Cuba, offers an extraordinary opportunity for street photography, especially within the densely populated Old Havana and Centro districts as depicted here. Some photographs are from Regla, a district on the eastern shore of the Havana harbor, noted for its preservation of Santaria culture. All photographs were taken in a 6-day period in early 2011.

Angel Over Havana

Streets of Centro Havana

Balcony Life, Havana


Flag Mosaic

Havana Streetscape

Old Havana Performer 2

Cigar & Tiles

Colonial Door

Cuban Car 1

Cuban Car 2

Cuban Car 3

Fresh Pot

Fresh Paint & Old Marble

Arched Laundry

Street Carnival

Cafe de Cuba

Slippers & Towels

Lady in Regla

Fins at Capitolio

Girl in Regla

Santeria 1

Santeria 2

Santeria 3

Body Shopped

Pontiac Repairs

Havana Blues

Santaria 4

Painting in Progress

Market Measures

Lost Elegance


Blind Man Walking

Old Havana

Street Man

Pink Negligee

Dominoes & Cigar

Evening Laundry

Mother & Daughter


Evening Laundry

Havana Cityscape

Chess on the Prado


Old Havana Performer

National Ballet School

Artist & Che

Moving Day

Prayers in White

Havana Woolworths

Dominoes 2

Necropolis Colon



Wagon in Regla